Cookbook: HTML5 for creative directors

HTML5 for creative directorsJohn Allsop from Wedirections has just published an interesting short 30 pages book about HTML5, to help an audience of creative professionals understanding what sort of new features and capabilities they can leverage for their projects and customers.

“HTML5 for Creatives takes a high level, yet in depth, look at the capabilities, use cases, strengths and limitations of the whole suite of related technologies that are broadly referred to as “HTML5”. It’s written specifically for people who make decisions about the use of technologies, particularly in the creative industries, (but it’s more than a little relevant for other industries as well) rather than for developers and implementors. We keep it high level, so there’s no code to worry about, but we’ll also delve into these technologies in some detail.”

The PDF is available for free, and is certainly worth having more than a close look at. It tackles and kicks out a number of urban legends and preconceived ideas with both honesty and clarity. However, consider it for what it is, an introduction to a complex topic, good enough for awareness but insufficient to jump into a real life project. Some chapters are very promising yet frustratingly embryonic (such as “Device APIs”). The take on Native Apps vs/with HTML5 (hybrid apps) sounds reasonable to me, although the discussion already starts being a bit outdated according to me.

A good download anyway! Thanks John.