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It’s dedicated to the active collection and mashing-up of best practises and reference information around Coding, DevOpsContent Management, User Experience Management, Online Marketing. Because we all need to leverage not only state-of-the-art, but also leading edge technologies and ideas to be successful with our organisation and our career. Sometime, we’ll even have to invent what’s coming next!

The Author

Lucas ChallamelLucas Challamel is Technology Director at The White Agency, a leading Australian full service digital agency. Based in Sydney, he leads a team of 35+ developers and solution architects in the area of PHP, JAVA, .NET, HTML/JS, mobile applications.

Lucas’s career has developed right along the rise of the Internet, Enterprise Software and Mobile industries since the mid-nineties. After an early career as an engineer for a large French utility, he’s been successfully running and growing his own digital agency in France for 11 years, delivering professional services to top national and european brands. With sound credentials in the IT Development and Digital Marketing arena, Lucas has spent 17 years working in Europe and now lives and works in Australia since 2009.

After a successful start with a european CMS software vendor (Sitecore) and a leading mobile cloud provider (Netbiscuits), he joined The White Agency in early 2013 to drive technology.

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