MWD00 – Getting ready for modern web development

Latest update: 21/04/2014

In this series of articles, I’ll store in these columns both for myself and future generations of developers some insights regarding modern web development. I’ll cover a broad spectrum of areas including IDE, source control, database access, network utilities, environment provisioning, deployment, testing, monitoring, etc.

This will be largely focused on open source server-side languages and technologies such as PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, deliberately leaving aside Microsoft closed source technologies such a .NET, which require their own very specific toolkit and workflows.

Also, as a Mac user I will obviously favour recipes for Mac Os X, but as far as possible I will document viable alternatives and walkthroughs for Windows 7/8 as well.

Our journey will follow the following flexible roadmap:

  1. Embracing the evolving digital world: Where I’ll discuss the major underlying trends no developer should ignore nowadays and would factor in their strategy to be an efficient and proficient developer.
  2. Getting the workstation ready: IDE, text editors, DB utils, network utilities, cloud services and more
  3. Getting the DEV environment up and running: VMs, provisioning, sharing on the cloud
  4. Setting up a BUILD and DEPLOY factory:

And more to come, watch this space.

Next to Part 1 – Embracing the evolving digital world

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