Next big event downunder: Web Directions South 2012

Web Directions South

Web Directions South 2012 will kick off on October 18th, held in lovely Sydney.
It offers nearly 50 sessions across 4 tracks over two fully catered days, plus a lavish reception to close day 1, and a closing party on Friday night.

Make sure to check out the agenda and to attend if you’re a developer.

From a technical perspective, as usual there will be a lot of talking around CSS, Javascript, frameworks, etc … interesting to spot Kendo UI among the exhibitors, as well as Drupal and Silverstripe for the CMS side of things, obviously betting on the developers community to grow their local footprint.

I have to confess I discovered 2 new names:

  • WakandaWakanda is a new Javascript stack (derived from JQuery) for web and mobile business apps. The name hinted at a kiwi background, but no, it’s more native American Indian, and more precisely Sioux.
  • Still AliveStillalive is a live web app monitoring service, allowing you to write your own unit tests to try out your entire application. Nice cloud service for medium sized businesses and independent developers.



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