New UX contender: Kendo UI

Kendo UI.NET tools provider Telerik is adding support for tablets in its release of Kendo UI Complete.

Kendo UI is an HTML5, jQuery-based framework for building HTML apps. Todd Anglin, Telerik Vice President of HTML5 Web and Mobile Tools, said in a statement that the new release moves the product beyond mobile phones to help developers create experiences with HTML5 that look native on the iPad and other tablets.

Developers are increasingly using HTML5 tools and Javascript to create products that can run on a wide variety of devices and platforms. Telerik said that Kendo UI’s unified framework utilizes adaptive rendering so that an app’s look-and-feel can automatically adapt to the display and characteristics of “any smartphone or tablet device. Which is certainly true to an extent, as only webkit based browsers are fully supported.

But that’s a nice and worthwhile initiative to bookmark. I particularly like the Kendo UI Dojo, to learn how to use the framework, a neat job. Last but not least, the price point is agressive, at $1,000 per year with unlimited support for the full suite.



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